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CPR First Aid Group Classes

First aid and CPR are often mandatory training for medical staff and caregivers, but other types of businesses may also offer classes. Even if you don’t want to make CPR and first aid mandatory, it is ideal to have a handful of employees obtain these skills in the case of a company-wide emergency. In Orange County, CA, OC Safety offers these classes to any size group for any type of business.


OC Safety First Aid

First aid is something everyone should know. Even in a standard office you could accidentally cut a hand or finger on something sharp or get caught in some office equipment. It helps to know how to treat even the smallest of wounds since treatment for small wounds is about the same for larger ones. The only difference is that large wounds may require a visit to the E.R., but you can still use first aid skills to slow the bleeding.


OC Safety Certification

Another benefit to having employees trained in CPR and first aid is that they are certified when they complete the course. It also means that your business is safety certified and ready to handle emergencies. That’s an extra feather in your company’s cap that puts customers or clients at ease.


OC Safety OSHA Approved

All courses taught by OC Safety staff are OSHA-approved. That means you can log the time and certification with OSHA and get bonus points with OSHA for being equipped to handle emergency medical situations. It looks good on file and it looks good on your inspection records with OSHA.

We Can Teach Whenever It’s Convenient for You!

OC Safety offers training classes in multiple delivery modes. If you have employees that work all different hours, we can still accommodate that by providing training staff around the clock. We can come to your facility, we can teach morning, evening, or overnight, and we can deliver some training content virtually. (CPR, for obvious reasons, cannot be delivered virtually. It is hands-on training.) 

If some of your employees are already certified in first aid but not CPR (or vice versa), we can offer separate classes for these employees to become certified in whichever training they don’t have. Contact OC Safety today to book training for your group regardless of its size and number of employees!

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