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Understanding Microneedling for Estheticians: What You Need to Know

OC Safety CPR and First Aid Training helps healthcare professionals obtain the skills and certifications they need to offer safe treatments. Located in Orange County, California, we provide the foundation for registered nurses, nurse practitioners, physician assistants, and licensed estheticians to have the best impact on the people they serve. Along with our OC safety OSHA-approved first aid and CPR training, we offer micro-needling training for licensed cosmetologists and licensed estheticians.

What Does Microneedling Do?

Microneedling provides a minimally-invasive way to help patients improve hair growth, reduce scarring and introduce a higher amount of collagen in the skin. It has been hailed as one of the best treatment options to rejuvenate skin quality and increase collagen production. It’s often coupled with PRP and medical-grade chemical peels, delivering astonishing, long-term improvements to the overall quality of the skin.

With micro-needling and other restorative therapies, patients can expect to experience definitive improvements to the tone, pigmentation, tightness, and texture of their skin.

Estheticians & the Microneedling Process

Dermaplaning With OC Safety

The first step of micro-needling involves a deep skin cleanse known as dermaplaning. Even though some patients may follow a careful and detailed skincare routine, dead skin and hair can still build up. With our dermaplaning procedure, we use deep exfoliation processes that eliminate superficial pigmentation, dead skin, and lingering hair. This process alone can help the skin become smoother, softer, and more vibrant. When coupled with micro-needling, it creates drastic improvements to the quality and appearance of the skin.

Applying Numbing Agents

While micro-needling involves very few invasive processes, some patients cannot tolerate the slight amount of pain that the therapy involves. As such, we teach estheticians how to apply numbing agents prior before the micro-needling begins. This process is optional, but it helps our trainees have a full set of skills for their patients’ needs.

Begin The Microneedling Process

Once the patient is prepped, estheticians will start the process with their micro-needling pen. Trainees will learn our OC safety first aid procedures to help clean the treated areas during the procedure.

Implement Topical Healing Agents

Once the aesthetician finishes the micro-needling treatment, they will apply topical creams that help the skin fully heal.

Obtain Your Microneedling Certification In Orange County, CA!

Microneedling is an invaluable practice for estheticians. With our training, you can make sure your patients are safe during the treatment process. To learn more about this dynamic procedure, contact us here for our OC safety OSHA-approved first aid courses. You can also fill out our online enrollment form to start taking OC safety first aid classes in Orange, CA.

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