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Onsite Group Training for BLS, CPR first aid, and Pediatric Courses

All medical professionals and first responders should have training in basic life support (BLS), first aid, CPR, and pediatric rescue techniques. OC Safety provides onsite training in CPR first aid in Orange County, CA. To make it even better, you don’t even have to take a day off and come into your clinic or hospital to take the training. OC Safety certification in this training can occur while you are at work and on the clock.

Why You Need to Retake BLS Training Every Other Year

Despite the nature of your job, you won’t always use CPR, first aid, or pediatric lifesaving skills every day. It’s important to keep these skills in practice so that you don’t forget. However, you aren’t going to have these levels of emergency all the time, so you have to go through the training every other year to show that you still know what you’re doing.

CPR Is One of the Most Exhausting Skills

If you haven’t encountered this in your job already, you should know that CPR is one of the most exhausting BLS skills you will ever have to perform. Hopefully, you will have a partner who also knows what they’re doing, and a backup team when the two of you become too tired to keep going on with a single patient.

CPR for Pediatric Patients

Your tiniest patients require very different CPR techniques. Babies, toddlers, preschoolers, and pre-teens all require different lifesaving techniques. What you would do to get a baby’s heart started again is not the same thing you would do for a pre-teen. Learning what to do, how to do it, and when to do it is part of the training you would receive for OC Safety certification.

The Benefits of Doing Onsite Training

When you do onsite training in CPR first aid in Orange County, CA, you don’t have to cut or add work hours. You can do the training for an hour here and there while on shift. If it isn’t too busy a shift, you can complete most of the training while on the clock. Very few employers expect you to come in on your day off for training. They save those hours for emergencies.

The added benefit is that once you complete the training you are issued a certificate. You can send that certificate to both your supervisor and your HR manager. They will have the proof in hand that you have completed this required coursework and updated your employee file.
Talk to your HR manager to set up a training with OC Safety for onsite BLS training soon.

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