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Botox and Dermal Filler Class

Learning how to do Botox and dermal fillers requires a lot of training. If you are not certified, and you do the fillers or Botox wrong, you can seriously hurt your clients. OC Safety teaches you how to do these services and provides you with your OC Safety certification upon completion.

Safety Requirements for Injections

You will be working with needles and injection materials. You have to protect yourself as there will likely be small amounts of blood and the potential for needle sticks. OC Safety classes will teach you how to handle the needles, both capped and uncapped, and what to do if you accidentally stick yourself with a needle after providing a service to a client.

Additionally, you will need to know how to inject Botox and dermal fillers so that you do not cause permanent nerve damage or inject a filler incorrectly. These OC Safety classes aren’t just for your safety, but for your clients’ safety as well.

OC Safety Certification Required for Your Job

You should never have an employer tell you that you can inject clients without certification. You could lose your job, or worse, be sued over complications from injecting something you were never trained to do. Most employers are smart enough to require that you seek certification first and then start injections on the job.

You should know that people in the same line of work also receive pay commensurate with the certification acquired. Your employer should give you a raise once you are certified if they don’t already pay for the classes and training to become certified. Some employers will pay for the certification classes and a raise afterward too.

Botox: Special Concerns for You

Botox should never be handled by anyone pregnant. It can arrest the nerves and exposure to the unborn child may cause birth defects. This is just something that is taught in the class. So, if you are pregnant, or suspect that you are, you may need to postpone the class and training until you aren’t pregnant anymore or have confirmed that you aren’t.

Botox injected into other parts of the body by accident has mixed side effects. OC Safety teaches you what to expect if this happens, and how to treat yourself temporarily until you can get medical help.

Register for OC Safety Classes Today

The upcoming safety classes for Botox and dermal fillers are coming up soon. Register now to get in on the next class.

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