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Basic Life Support (BLS) for Healthcare Providers and Pediatric First-Aid Class

There are a lot of classes nursing and healthcare staff can take to keep up with their annual required training. If you are looking for another course to take, OC Safety classes offer some of the best courses for your profession. Take a closer look at a couple of classes that we offer and sign up today.

Basic Life Support

Basic life support is a course on the legal parameters governing life support for your patients. There are several intricacies to life support, and the decisions are rarely made lightly by surviving family members. Sometimes, pre-appointed medical guardians are tasked with making life support decisions.

The basic life support course offered by OC Safety classes will instruct you on how to follow the rules governing the life-sustaining machines and those making decisions for patients on the machines. It is meant to inform and protect you against making decisions that could cost you your certification or license. The OC Safety certification you receive for taking the basic life support course can help you with a lateral job move, too.

Pediatric First Aid and CPR

Infants and small children are the most vulnerable when it comes to wounds and cardiac or pulmonary issues. Learning pediatric first aid and CPR helps you help your smallest patients make it through some of the scariest moments. This course is an excellent option for learning all of the techniques necessary to save little ones’ lives in the safest way possible.

After receiving your OC Safety certification in pediatric first aid and CPR, you can help in emergency situations where infants and children are hurt or not breathing. You will feel confident in the knowledge that the techniques you learned will not hurt the little ones any more than they are already hurting. The course instructs you on the many differences between infants and children and your adult patients.

Safety Courses Protect You and Your Patients

The purpose of many of the courses offered by OC Safety is not only to protect and help your patients but also to protect you. Attempting to deliver lifesaving techniques without really knowing what you are doing can cause more harm than good. It’s important to protect yourself and your career by ensuring that you know exactly what you are doing and that you are certified in it.

For more information on upcoming course offerings, please contact OC Safety in Orange, CA, or check out the courses listed on the website.

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