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Aesthetic Training

At OC Safety, we’re proud to offer classes in Aesthetic Training. Our courses continually grow and improve with each innovative medical discovery. Now, more than ever, Aesthetic Training is seeing a surge and growing in popularity. Why? The requests for non-invasive cosmetic procedures have seen an unprecedented boom. In order to meet the demands of your clients, we invite all medically trained professionals in the beauty industry (whether they be physician assistants, registered nurses, nurse practitioners, or licensed estheticians) to come to OC Safety and receive additional supplemental training in order to be able to offer specialty services to their clients.

Medical Aesthetic Training Courses

Patients are more frequently opting for non-surgical beauty enhancements because these types of cosmetic treatments offer fast results with minimal-to-no recovery time. These beauty services are the perfect option for those who wish to tweak their appearance and combat the signs of aging—all without going under the knife! Set yourself apart from competitors by learning the proper execution and practice of the following types of beauty and cosmetic treatments:

  • Dermaplaning Training
  • Microneedling Training
  • Botox Training
  • Nasolabial Filler Administration
  • Lip Injector Training
  • Advanced Chemical Peel Training

Learn How You Can Sign Up For Classes At OC Safety, Today!

Taking Aesthetic Training courses and getting properly certified can open many doors for you. It can expand your resume, create expansion opportunities for your business, and ensure that the treatments are applied with precision and with safety. If you’re interested in taking classes, we invite you to look over our calendar to see what classes we’re in the near future. You can also contact us directly by giving us a call at 714.960.1911 to learn more. We’d love to hear from you and answer any questions you have—talk soon!

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