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Why Should You be CPR & First Aid Certified?

Regardless of your current job or profession, CPR and first aid training can further anyone’s skillset, especially in emergency situations. In fact, about 400,000 people die annually from cardiac arrest and performing CPR can reduce these unnecessary deaths. No matter the situation, if you are CPR and first aid certified, you will be able to help save someone’s life, dress a wound, or help a child in need. At OC Safety, we would rather everyone be safe than sorry, so we offer CPR and first aid courses and certifications.

Prevent Worsen Symptoms

Depending on the situation, if an individual does not receive immediate care, their symptoms may increase and their condition may worsen. Proper first aid care could mean the difference between extensive hospital care or not. And, these situations may pop up more frequently than you would expect. For example, if you have children, care for family members, or work in an office, anything could happen to those around you and immediate care could be necessary.

The Majority of Cardiac Arrests Happen at Home

Unfortunately, the American Heart Association states that about 80% of cardiac arrests occur in the home. This is extremely problematic because with every minute that passes, the victim’s chance of survival decreases on average between 7-10%. However, if you are CPR certified, you can greatly improve the likelihood of survival by acting immediately. Loved ones who are able to perform CPR in a moments notice can save their family member’s life.

Be an Asset to Your Community

By taking a CPR and first aid course, you will be more valuable to your community. Not enough people know these life-saving skills in our communities, unfortunately. If more people take CPR classes and have these skill sets, then the community will be a safe place for everyone. People who go into cardiac arrest or need first aid will have a better chance of survival.

Schedule Your CPR & First Aid Course at OC Safety Today!

Are you interested in becoming first aid and CPR certified? Contact OC Safety to enroll in a CPR class today. Our team recommends these courses for all individuals, but especially security officials, airline personnel, teachers and day care workers, camp counselors and nature guides, fitness trainers, baby sitters, and new parents. We look forward to training you in emergency and life-saving skills!

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