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The Benefits Of Microneedling Certifications

The Benefits Of Microneedling Certifications

In recent years, microneedling and beauty administrations have seen an increase in demand. There is a huge demand to address wrinkle reduction, acne scarred, hyperpigmentation and changing dull skin to flawless skin; the easy procedure of microneedling does this effectively. This procedure is rising in popularity, not only because of the ease in which they are applied, but because of the amazing and rejuvenating effects they produce almost instantly. If you or your business is considering our Microneedling & Dermaplaning certifications, we ask that you take a look at how this can affect you in a positive way and how it can possibly generate more clients or more revenue for yourself and your business!

Opens Job Opportunities

If you are someone who is currently in the job market looking for a new position in the beauty or medical industry, this certification will likely set you apart from others who are vying for the same position. Adding this certification to your resume can potentially qualify you for other higher-income jobs. It can also assist you in your current position by opening you up to offer other services, acquiring other clients, or give you a better opportunity for an income raise when it comes to re-evaluating your position at your company!

Reduces Errors/Liabilities

Unfortunately, in every industry, you’ll find that there are always people who claim that they have skills or certifications in fields where they simply do not. When hiring people for specific specialty services like microneedling procedures or dermal filler administration, you want to be certain that they are officially certified to perform these services. It is imperative not only for the client’s safety, but for your business to reduce the probability of error and avoid lawsuits or liabilities.

Expands Services in Your Business

If you have a beauty business and are looking to offer new services and expand your clientele, you can opt to offer your employees the opportunity to take these classes as a business expense. Not only does it set a new standard for future employees, it ensures that your current employees are not only certified but up to date on their certifications. While we normally accept students on an individual basis, please reach out to us to see if we have a class availability that would cater to your employees together as a group.

Contact OC Safety For Additional Information On Aesthetic Training!

Want to administer the benefits of microneedling to your patients? Take an aesthetic training course. What does this course review? This class covers not only microneedling, but other practices such as Botox and fillers administration, chemical peels, and additional techniques. Designed by a nurse practitioner, this class was carefully crafted to consider many of the top needs and popular requests in the beauty industry. Contact our knowledgeable and friendly staff for more information about this and other safety certification classes. You can give us a call directly at 714-960-1911 at our Orange County, CA office—we hope to hear from you soon!

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