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Who Should Be CPR Certified?

Who Should Be CPR Certified?

At OC Safety, we’re proud to offer comprehensive safety training courses ranging from Advanced Cardiac Life Support (ACLS) Certification to basic First Aid training to people throughout Orange County, CA. One of our most popular course offerings is CPR certification. CPR certification is useful to everyone – from members of the general public to professionals in a wide range of industries. Many professions require CPR certification. However, but even if your job doesn’t, it’s important to be well-acquainted with the life-saving techniques of CPR so that you are ready to take action should a family member, friend, or stranger be affected by an emergency situation.

Professions That Benefit from CPR Certification?

Wondering if you should get certified in CPR? Here’s a list of a few professions that can benefit from CPR certification, even it it may may not be a requirement:

  • Medical Professionals: First things first: any and all medical professional should learn CPR. Even dentists, because of the intensity of the procedures they perform, are required to get CPR certified!
  • Personal Trainers: By definition, working out involves strenuous exercise, so it’s always a good idea for personal trainers to get certified in CPR.
  • Child Care Providers: Anyone providing childcare, whether a babysitter or a daycare worker, should learn CPR both for adults and children.
  • Waiters, Waitresses, & Servers: While CPR training may not jump to the top of the mind when considering applying for a server position, it could be a handy skill if someone suffers a cardiac attack in a restaurant.
  • Managers: Anyone in a management position is responsible for the well-being of their team, and getting CPR certified could help you save the life of a team member.
  • Yoga Teachers: While not a requirement, CPR training is a valuable skill to a yoga teacher, as yoga can often involve strenuous activity.

Take CPR Certification Courses in Orange County, CA

This list is by no means exclusive, and there are plenty of other professions that both require and benefit from CPR – but the point here is to show that even if your job doesn’t require CPR certification, it’s highly likely that you’d benefit from getting certified in CPR.

If you’re interested in taking the next step to CPR certification, OC Safety makes it easy! Check out our schedule of classes to see when we’re having a CPR certification course or reach out to us at our contact page for more info. We can’t wait to hear from you!

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