Your Local Orange, CA First Aid Training Center

At OC Safety, it’s our goal to help save lives and make the world that we live in a better, safer place for everyone. That’s why we offer professional first aid and CPR training and certification programs, helping you be prepared in the event of a medical crisis.  By helping teach as many people as we can, we are passing on knowledge that can potentially save a life.

Where Can I Get My CPR & First Aid Certification?

We offer a wide range of classes at OC Safety, where you can get the training you need to become certified in CPR or first aid.  Our training location is in Orange, CA right on Tustin Street. We welcome anyone from our surrounding communities that want to take our classes, so contact us to schedule yours!  Below you can find our address for our location, as well as a map to make finding our training facility a breeze!



OC Safety CPR & First Aid Training

1838 N. Tustin St.

Orange, CA 92865


(714) 960-1911



From The North

  • Take CA-57 S to N. Tustin St in Orange
  • Take the exit toward Lincoln Ave/Nohl
  • Ranch Rd from CA-55 S
  • Merge onto N. Tustin St, destination will be on the right

From The South

  • Get onto I-5 N
  • Follow I-5 N and CA-55 N to E. Katella Ave in Orange
  • Take the Katella Ave exit from CA-55 N
  • Drive to N. Tustin St

From The East

  • Take CA-91 W Towards Corona/Beach Cities
  • Take the CA-55 S exit on the left toward Newport Beach
  • Continue onto CA-55 S
  • Take the exit toward Lincoln Ave/Nohl Ranch Rd
  • Merge onto N. Tustin St, destination will be on the right

From The West

  • Get onto I-5 S
  • Take I-5 S and CA-91 E to N Tustin St in Orange
  • Take the exit toward Lincoln Ave/Nohl Ranch Rd from CA-55 S
  • Merge onto N. Tustin St, destination will be on the right

Is CPR & First Aid Certification Important?

CPR and first aid are not skills that are reserved for medical professionals.  Anyone can learn the how to perform these techniques, and the more people that know, the better.  Any medical emergency is a high pressure situation, but being prepared and knowing what to do in the event of a crisis can sometimes mean the difference between life or death.

With the necessary knowledge and technique to execute CPR and first aid, you can protect your friends, family, and even strangers in need.  By being prepared, you’re helping make everyone around you safer.

Should I Learn CPR?

Everyone should know CPR, since it’s easy to learn and can save lives. Cardiac arrest can be caused by a numerous list of factors, such as drowning or inhaling smoke. During this time blood flow comes to a halt, and if allowed to continue, could lead to brain damage or death. CPR helps restore blood circulation, preventing damage to the brain.  By becoming CPR certified, you are more likely to remain level headed in crisis situations because you know what to do, allowing you to react in those first critical minutes once someone has entered cardiac arrest.

Anyone can learn CPR, and with professional instructors and engaging classes at OC Safety, it’s easier than ever.  The benefits of knowing CPR greatly outweigh the costs, so schedule your certification classes as soon as you can!

Your Safety Certification Is Right Around The Corner!

Whether you’re looking to get your certification in CPR, first aid, or both, just contact your local safety experts at OC Safety! If you have any questions about the classes that we offer and which ones are right for you, just contact us and we’ll be more than happy to work with you to find exactly what you’re looking for. We look forward to seeing you in class and working with you to make the world a safer place!

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1838 N. Tustin St, 
Orange, CA 92865