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I need to share this w/you.
I completed the CPR / AED training just under a month ago, 1/11/16.
Today I was hiking in Peter's Canyon and came across an elderly man who had collapsed with pain in his chest. There were 2 other hikers and the man's 20 yr old grandson.
As Craig Robson had instructed us to do, I assessed the situation. The 2 hikers were actually nurses and were asking the man the pertinent questions and the grandson was just calling 911. The gentleman was sitting on a park bench, no shade in sight and it was approx. 89 degrees, I asked if anyone had offered water (due to lack of hydration which can bring on chest pain) and they had not. I had the grandson give his grandfather my water and he immediately said he felt much better. The grandson was confused and couldn't give our location to 911, so I assisted him with the exact trail and location and how best to reach us. I asked all involved to stay with the man and offered to hike back to the entrance to this particular trail to flag down the paramedics. While hiking back, I remembered passing County Maintenance workers, found where they had gone, flagged them down and informed them of the situation and where they needed to go with their truck to assist. Because of this, the county workers were able to unlock an access gate for the paramedics and fire truck which in turn saved time and confusion. They were able to assist the gentleman and took him to the hospital for treatment. Without my training, I would not have been able to stay calm and proceed with the correct procedures that i was taught. Thank you!

Christy Aprato





I want to thank you again for the training received in January 2016.  We actually had an employee suffer a mild heart attack 3 weeks after the training.  Here is what he told our office manager:

“Our inspector informed me today that, were if not for the First Aid and CPR training he received, he would not

have recognized the symptoms he was experiencing and likely would have delayed his initial response and,

therefore, the emergency care he received. You never know when you will need to rely on First Aid and CPR

training, and in this case it clearly made a big difference.”

Thanks again for coming out and teaching our staff.

Jennifer Fruta  





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