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We're proud to provide comprehensive, expert safety training and certification courses to individuals and employees throughout the Orange County area.

Safety is our number one priority. We believe that high-quality CPR and Safety Training isn’t only important for meeting federal regulations and OSHA guidelines, but it is truly a valuable skill to learn because it has the potential to save lives.

Our CPR & First Aid Training class covers adult, child, and infant CPR and first aid. Completing the course will give you both a certification and the vital knowledge to save lives in times of crisis and emergency. Whether you need to fulfill an OSHA-mandated job requirement for safety training or are a concerned citizen who wants to better prepare yourself for anything that life throws at you, CPR & First Aid Training from OC Safety is the perfect way to improve your life-saving skills.

Who should enroll in our CPR & First Aid Certification course?

Anyone who wishes to learn CPR and First Aid skills can enroll in this course. However, this is highly recommended and ideal for those whose jobs give them the responsibility to respond during emergencies in their workplace or have a regulatory requirement for safety and training, such as:

  • Security Officials
  • Airline Personnel
  • Teachers & Day Care Workers
  • Camp Counselors & Nature Guides
  • Fitness Trainers
  • Babysitters
  • New Parents

Even if you don’t fall into one of these groups, getting a CPR & First Aid certification will prepare you to respond to real-life emergencies. Whether you come across someone choking, going through cardiac arrest, or incapacitated after an accident, after getting certified, you’ll have the knowledge and the confidence to do what’s necessary during critical situations and to save lives.

At OC Safety, we provide more rigorous training than many other safety training companies. After completing our course, you’ll have a valid certification for 2 years instead of the typical 1 year.

We also offer on-site CPR & First Aid Training for businesses. Click here for more information regarding our on-site training.

Who should enroll in our CPR & First Aid Certification course?

When you train with OC Safety, you’re not just getting routine instruction from textbooks. We hire paramedics, firefighters, and registered nurses to teach our classes – professionals use these very same life-saving skills regularly in their professional lives. This means that when you take a class from OC Safety, you’re working with someone who knows the material like the back of their hands – because it is their job!

In addition to real-world experience and applicability, our instructors strive to make your safety training experience informative and enjoyable. Take a peek through our reviews, and you’ll find countless examples of how instructors incorporate their personal experiences into the class and facilitate a friendly, positive learning environment for everyone there. Say goodbye to boring, stuffy classes – at OC Safety, we make adult, child, and infant CPR & first aid training fun!

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