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Cavitation RF body treatment and contemporary medicine for health beauty improvement and fat and cellulite removal
the cosmetology room undergoes a permanent lip makeup procedure, the master applies a tattoo using a tattoo machine


  • Body Contouring Course Training and Certification: Includes body sculpting machine, bed, and vacuum therapy machine for $1800. Certification only without equipment is $900. Training includes 3 part series. Part 1 Introduction of body sculpting, The lymphatic system, Non-candidate Indications, Medical history, and consent forms. Part 2 Live model with hands-on Client consultation, body measurements, Body sculpting modalities for ultrasonic cavitation, frequency, vacuum therapy, woody therapy, RF facial, and buttock enhancement. Part 3 is all about business and marketing promotions to start up your beauty body contouring .The class lasts up to 8 hours.


  • Lip Blush Training and Certification: Includes material and tattoo pen with certification for $1500.00. The class lasts up to 7 hours. Learn the technique and art for the application of permanent cosmetic makeup to the lips. The lecture includes the correct technique and application to correct asymmetries, define lip, outline, reduce, or enlarge lip slightly and overall give a more attractive appearance. Lastly, information about the business and marketing promotions to start up your beauty body contouring services.

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